Green Walls / Vertical Garden

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Green Walls aka Vertical Gardens aka Living Walls have been around for a while now and are far from a new design fad… As the technology and experience in this product has strengthened we are liking them more and more.

These systems are great for providing greenery in places where otherwise this might not have be possible. They are useful in tight spaces and in situations where additional wall like screening is required to hide something ugly or something best kept out of sight, things like service areas or even ugly fences or walls.

The real benefit of these structures however are the design capabilities and the enormous potential for a grand visual statement!

Through good horticultural knowledge and strategic designing they can be a unique design asset for any property. Different plants based on the desired look and preferred arrangement can be selected when carefully planned in with the environmental conditions of the space. Here at Impressions Landscape – Design we really like the idea of utilising a Green Walls in this fashion. We love the flexibility of the options available through planting combinations. Although, even a Green Wall consisting of one solitary plant species can deliver a punchy result!

If you would like your own Green Wall and think your property could benefit from one of its own why not let us at Impressions Landscape – Design bring one to life for you!

Here is a sample of a Green Wall we finished on a project in Dee Why recently. We like the visual effect it delivers to the internal spaces of the home through the fish bowl effect delivered by the large glass Bi-fold doors.

Here is another we did for a Sydney Hotel facade..

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