In Construction: Cronulla Project

March 12, 2014 Comments Off

Located in close proximity to Cronulla beach this small front garden design and construction project is currently underway. The design focus was to improve the house street presentation and further support the beachy coastal vibe of this cute cottage as it appears from the street.

As part of the scope we are improving the security of the property by installing a new front fence and sliding driveway gate. The owners of this property wanted to make the most of the great morning aspect provided through the warm morning sun, as well as providing somewhere they could utilise as an alternative to back yard entertaining where the westerly sun was generally quite relentless. As this was the case a flat lawn area and layered presentation garden which could be fully enclosed was included. As the clients are a young family and kids are a consideration, the design allows for full enclosure of the garden to keep the kids in and the pesky neighbours dog from leaving ‘presents’ on the ‘to be’ lush new lawn.

As part of this landscape design we are installing a modern version of the old classic sandstone crazy paving. With an emphasis on strong, prominent, angular line work as the paving pattern. The paving is aimed at provided a statement from below and when entering the garden. The edgy white sandstone paving will contrast beautifully with the low rusted Corten Steel Walling and soft layered textural plantings. These all together should happily support this updated quirky spin on a cottage influenced beach style property!

We look forward to seeing it come together. Be sure to check back in to catch any progress…

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