Impressions Garden Visit & Social Drinks

May 27, 2014 Comments Off

The Impressions L-D team were recently welcomed back into this completed garden from late last year. The invitation was kindly extended forward from our excellent, super friendly clients and now good friends the Warners. This Concord garden was only just completed in time for Christmas last year believe it or not!.. And as a reward for the hard slog, long days and tight deadlines. The Warners kindly offered to throw a social get together and catch-up to say thanks and reflect on the garden that have become.

Considering this garden was really only just recently completed. I think it speaks for itself with how well everything is growing and we were comfortably surprised to enter this garden and witness what could easily have been mistaken for a garden with many years of establishment under its belt. This was helped through the strategic use of some more mature species as boundary plantings the result is highly effective. As the sun went down the drinks started flowing more freely, the lights made an entry. And what an entry they made! The perfect partnership for the highly detailed workmanship applied to this project. The lighting totally transforms the space. With a flick of the switch the texture of the sandstone walls are made apparent. The rebates below the floating granite steps are highlighted with carefully placed strip lighting, and a built in Fire Pit creates the most comforting ambiance. Before we knew it we were all gathered around the warmth of the fire casually chatting, laughing and toasting marshmallows, as was the exact intention for this space conceptually.

A highly rewarding occasion for all involved. It was special to celebrate the toils of our work and the class of this outdoor space… However the best is yet to come!

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