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bali in burraneer

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This contemporary Asian influenced garden was formulated to flow seamlessly off the modern house design. Utilising the warm natural flow of hardwood throughout the house and garden the two are able to blend harmoniously.

An existing pool was retained but given a simple renovation, which now makes it feel brand new again. The pool position required that the garden design be moulded around it. Frameless glass pool fencing was used to help reduce any visible barriers.

A bold vibrant planting scheme design was adopted to give the property a resort style feel, and an almost prehistoric horticultural journey of depth, texture and colour. Layered tropical influenced plantings borrowing from the existing garden scheme gives a relaxed Balinese holiday feel to the property. A gorgeous existing Canary Islands Date Palm was utilised as a living sculpture, highlighted appropriately at night.

Modern clean-lined paving was detailed in this landscape design to balance the colour tones and overall hard surface appearances throughout the project, allowing for the carefully selected layered planting scheme to pop to life.