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burraneer bay views

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Set on a picturesque cliff face overhanging the idyllic waters of the Port Hacking. This cantilevered garden overhangs the calm waters below and reveals itself as a truly unique, secret garden to be enjoyed by only a fair few.

A once overgrown mess of vegetation and unusable space, this project was more of a garden renovation than a complete landscape project. Choosing to work with a more traditional rustic charm theme. Built in a fashion that promoted an aged appeal as though the garden had been in place for years. The garden complements the local foreshore setting and spills out from the natural rock outcrops rather than making a bold statement.

Aged limestone mottled urns matched to lime-washed planter boxes capped with sandstone. Loose rambling plantings, traditional sandstone walls and paths. Decking balanced strategically off a cliff face, and a vibrantly green-grassed terrace add to, and further enhance a picture perfect setting.