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burraneer grandiose

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The landscape design although contemporary by nature was to be greatly influenced through the aged formal gardens more typical of many old Formal French Provincial and European gardens. The client was looking for a unique garden that would be a point of difference and stand out as being classy and unique in presentation. Something that would stand out from the regular crowd of local properties.

Located in Burraneer the client wanted to create a garden more typical and also very much inspired from the stately formal properties of Toorak and similar properties of upper class Melbourne.

To address the clients brief the landscape design opted for simplicity in the hardscape colour palette. Everything material wise was designed to be white with contrast provided only in black trimming. Utilising these simple colour tones allowed for a very strong and prominent theme. Contrast and softening to be provided in the vibrancy of green formal plantings.

An existing heritage sandstone wall was restored and worked carefully into the design which gives the street presentation further character.



Much accuracy and consideration was applied at design stage in relation to site levels. Plotting the house and dealing with the significant site fall, front to rear was one challenge. The pool design was carefully incorporated into the rear design with its feature wall helping to terrace the rear garden and help deal with the difficult site levels.

A simple but vibrant planting scheme was implemented to show contrast and bring life to the overall design theme. Well manicured hedges and topiary balls, cones and pyramids are living sculptures within the gardens. Boston Ivy meandering across walls create the desired renaissance feel. The seasonal interest of this plant will always give an evolving and differing aged colour, being its own artwork.

A breezeway entry creates a stately entrance to the properties front door. While a small internal courtyard spills from the formal dining room out into an elegant retreat. A formal urn with a topiary ball, buxus hedging and a diamond patterned trellis training Star Jasmine finish off the design and further replicate the unique, style, class and statement of this property as a whole.