Small courtyard garden design Floating deck landscape design Raised planter boxes for courtyard garden Modern water feature landscape design Slim lined water feature in small courtyard Modern white terrazzo pots in a Sydney garden Courtyard garden seating area Garden with a hardwood floating deck. Garden design water feature framed by Star Jasmine Designing a garden with limited space and minimal sunlight Garden seating area Warm, natural hues of hardwood decking in a Sydney garden

cammeray courtyard

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This compact Cammeray courtyard presented many challenges… Limited space, minimal sunlight, drainage problems and no garden soil depth brought about by a podium slab housing the townhouse complex’s parking below.

With careful consideration during the garden design stage, these problems were addressed and resolved. A floating deck provides an improved indoor-outdoor flow, while allowing for a hidden place where drainage could be dealt with.

Raised planter boxes were constructed to allow for soil depth and healthy gardens. Modern white terrazzo pots were also utilized to cater for plants where it would have been otherwise impossible to place plants.

A slim-lined rolled water feature was incorporated in the design to be viewed from inside and help beautify an overbearing neighbouring wall. With Star Jasmine used as a trellised plant to frame the water feature and eventually soften the wall over time.

As the entry of this property is through a communal garden, that leads to this courtyard before hitting the front door. First impressions were of high priority. The warm natural hues of the hardwood decking, crisp white walls and pots, relaxed casual furniture, and simple shade loving planting scheme work effortlessly together in allowing for a successful compact courtyard design and installation.