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This small courtyard project was set to achieve a modern and punchy clean-lined design approach. As space was limited and the client wanted to allow plenty of space for entertaining and gathering. The paving space needed to be maximised and the design of it was of critical importance.

Modern Architectural Concrete Pavers in a neutral colour tone were selected for a design edge. The grid pattern layout with an emphasis on long straight lines is a subtle presentation attribute contributing to the success of the space. Curves and angles cut into the paving were embraced in the design and create interest. The main garden is designed with a deliberate tapered angle. This angle allows for a great design presentation with the modern pavers selected. This also created the opportunity for a narrow triangle garden positioned below the wall art. This garden is mass planted with a carpet of Mini Mondo Grass. Curves were cut to replicate and draw attention to the Large Paperbark Tree which was deliberately retained as a key component of the design, and a large bowl shaped Water Feature slotted into a sheltered nook that creates a calming and enticing focal point of interest.


The planting design selected to be applied was to remain modern but be suggestive of lushness. A subtle tropical design theming was incorporated into this courtyard design due to the microclimate that was apparent to the sheltered site. Although the garden spaces are limited, interest was obtained through a differential of planting forms and by balancing repetition and randomness. The larger structural plantings were given some uniformity while smaller lower plantings softened these through a more casual implementation. Carpets of Mini Mondo are repeated in areas where garden features points are positioned. Greenery and lower level interest is achieved through a mixed vertical planting plane. Perfect for use in a small shade garden such as this with sheltering walls. An opposing garage wall was strategically treated with a trellis design that would both soften and also bring attention to the rusted steel wall art.

Various garden features and visual focal points were planned into the garden design to bring this garden to life and bring activity to this small courtyard space. These were all considered and highlighted with a dramatic lighting design to showcase the garden at night.