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The client was very particular, appreciated good design, had an exceptional eye for detail and clearly understood the electricity a good garden can provide as a critical element of an overall property design. The design brief was thorough and highly detailed and ambitious.

Every square inch was accounted for outside of the house walls. Early in the design process it was communicated to the client that aggressively using a unique curve theme could be a highly creative way to promote a unique setting that resolves issues that could not be resolved as well with only straight lines and rectangles. This was appreciated and the design consists of many decorative and detailed curved elements. A large curved wall in the front garden resolved issues brought about by the awkward placement of a water tank. As well there are reoccurring curved and rolling style sculptural walls, which act as a form of garden ornamentation.

Curves were also added to the deck that leads to the pool, which provides the extra necessary room required to promote a flow between the entertaining zone and the pool area. A curved pattern was also applied to sections of paving areas and steppers as a lot of the time the garden is viewed from different advantage point heights.

The pool, planned to be raised to a height to allow for a wet edge to the front of the pool. The deck allows users to access the pool area through a unique elevated runway style deck perched above sunken gardens and allows for a functional and easy direct access route to the pool while also leading the eye here. These levels were carefully planned as a design-promoting element. The pool zone although highly evolved and compact allows for an optimised user experience. With an entry deck that acts as a potential lounging pool as well as directing access into the pool. On top of this there is another daybed with adjustable backrest on the opposite side of the pool.

The pool is only small as requested but is highly detailed. It allows for in pool seating of several people with a majority of the seated area under the water feature that enacts waterfall shower effect. Chunky Bluestone coping treads are used throughout the garden as a detail. The coping of the pool allows for drinks and snacks to be rested. The entire pool is clad in different forms of natural Bluestone. Large rectangle pavers are also a shape recurring theme throughout the entire property. With 1000x500mm Sawn Bluestone used as the internal pool tile. With the pool planned perfectly to allow for full tile placement. The Wet Edge of the pool was designed with the variation of dark Honed Bluestone, a design subtlety and this was the same for the tall pool-area dividing wall.

A thorough and highly detailed approach was applied in the development of the design through unique construction documentation and point of difference planning. The hardscape was developed to be stunning and bold while the gardens soft and supporting to harmonise and bring balance to the bold nature of the design. The material palette blends accordingly with the house materials and emphasise the moody modern tones set by the client and the house.

The development needed to be a statement of sorts and the garden was the medium to decisively apply this. A unique property presentation design was developed including Honed Bluestone letterbox. The house already comprised of vertical Cedar battens set on black backing board. This element was picked up and recycled throughout the garden design. Oversized granite pavers were used as the entry paving detail and the driveway was fully tiled in this. Due to the scale and dominance of the house, balance and scale were applied throughout the detailed design. Large Acer trees flag the path entry and mute the house structure. As well Boston Ivy has been trained to walls and fences as a compromising element with regards to the masculine form of the house. To frame the view to the pool and promote somewhat necessary scale, a grouping of 4 Ornamental Pear trees were planted in the rear lawn area.

The design comprises of a highly ornamental soft flowering style garden made up from many forms of perennials sourced from all over the country, but also researched to ensure success in the environment that was at hand. The garden is seasonal with strategic planning of flowering times and plant relationships. This was to bring an element of seasonal evolution and renewal of life to the garden as a whole. A European style garden theme was opted for as the softening and supportive finishing element that created a truly unique garden with generous amounts of modifying interest. The boundary screening hedges adopted this European theme with the use of pleaching frames to espalier Pear Trees to as another exclusive detail element. These allow for not only interest but also provide space below and around these plantings that allow interest through the mixing of plant species that otherwise would have been one-dimensional. All of these critical elements are reinforced and given new life with a comprehensive, enhancing lighting design that brings a vivid drama and excitement to the garden at night and when entertaining.