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With limited space and the extensive client brief, a lot was to be considered within the relatively small spaces provided. Smart space saving techniques had to be planned out. When designing this garden careful consideration was applied to ensure a garden theme that was unique in its own right yet fully supportive of the property style, its environment and the allowable space.

The clients loved their time spent in luxurious Balinese Villas when on holiday and wanted to replicate this at home. Both living very busy professional lives they wanted a place that was away from the CBD and the Sydney hustle and bustle. The garden is very private and has a sense of intimacy this was planned out by utilising the strengths of the site and recreating any of the weaknesses.

Curves were introduced to bring character and are a key element of the design. They blur the prominence of the small-defined boundary perimeter. The plunge pool was designed strategically to be orientated to face towards the main line of sight, that being the new Outdoor Entertaining Area and further beyond this, the kitchen window where a lot of time is spent. To maximise the effect and drama of the pool as a true focal statement, it was designed with a low front wall Wet Edge to give the appearance of a floating body of water and make the influence of water much more prominent. It was designed with an internal seat facing towards the house to allow for conversation when a crowd is in place.  The levels of the site were also carefully considered, with subtle level changes applied to boost this visual effect. A radius curve was applied to opposite corners of the pool which adds to its unique allure. The curved nature of the garden provides an interesting viewpoint from the elevated main bedroom balcony where the project shapes can fully be appreciated.

Maximum punch with minimum space was achieved by utilising a plunge style pool that doubles as a focal point and water feature as such. A Blackbutt timber batten screen provides a backing to the floating timber bench seat. Behind the screen neatly hides a storage shed and the pool filtration and heating. The seat provides a dramatic statement while catering for the all important pool area seating, or even just a place to rest the towels. It is designed to hover above a carpet of Ajuga in a cantilevered form. Particular attention to subtle level changes allow for functional and interesting spaces. The seat was designed three level changes up from the pool paving. A decked entry into the slightly elevated pool also provides a fun detail.

Careful consideration was put into the material selection. Custom sandstone in a uniform, light almond colour range was selected as a base colour that would work well and show off the vibrancy of the gardens and the inviting light aqua colour of the pool. A custom hand shaped stonewall was actioned as part of the design. The wall acts as a low backing feature to the pool, and a place where drinks and nibbles’ can be placed. Functionally it negotiates the higher levels set by the boundary line behind. The wall extends further on and links into the lawn area gardens outside the pool area. The result is an interesting snaked presentation.

A carefully worked Outdoor Kitchen was planned into its aesthetic.  The Bench Seat attaches to this area in fact doubles up as part of the seating for the Outdoor Entertainment Setting to save on space. An exclusive and powerful planting palette was developed to lift the project further. Mixes of bold, lush layers of tropical foliage nestle in and spill out to the garden spaces and interact with the pool. Colours, textures and form were considered and balanced in regards to planting material. Scale is introduced strategically to frame the good views and hide the bad. A tweaked Horticultural mix of plants was carefully worked together during the detailed planting design. Bold and dramatic selections were incorporated to create visual incitement at different placements within this small and highly detailed project. The effect is to create a lush explosion of foliage that surrounds the space and engulfs the pool surrounds. Much like the allure of that private lush tropical holiday villa that inspired its design.