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concord charisma

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This garden was designed for multiple purposes for a recently relocated family who wanted to maximize their own environment. The client brief included key requirements such as; to be admired visually, to elevate the house box-like house architectural framework, to participate in, to produce from, as well as to play in.

A charismatically quirky garden is the result, comprising of an intensively user-friendly composition of garden spaces to account for its many needs. This including a custom repurposed water feature design supportive of the families fish collection. A custom curved sandstone feature wall and partnered bench seating opposite a built-in fire pit are two major design details. The rear seating was designed to promote comfort and is purposely orientated so conversation is fluid from across the warmth of the fire while bonding over fire crisp marshmallows. Adding to the visual interest of things large floating slabs of granite are repeated throughout the garden. They allow for subtle level changes and provide a guided access through the garden. These same slabs help negotiate level changes to flat useable lawn areas.

To provide strength to the design, major design renovations were applied to the existing water feature to create a unique interactive invitation to the back area of the garden. It also provides a focal strong point for the garden from all advantage points. The main feature wall was designed to appear as though growing out from nowhere with its subtle rolling curve designed to draw the eye to the rear sandstone seating feature and supporting a statement planting of a large Echium which was designed to mound over the tail of the wall and act as a blended composition between the built and the living forms of the garden.

There are bold, contrasting mixed plantings, much of which are less typically partnered together in more common garden themes. In this garden they were carefully crafted together to create a blended defining harmony. Form, colour, texture and placement were carefully balanced purposefully as the planting detail. An island planting bed brought about through an angled section of a Corten Steel retaining provides a levels transition zone between the areas and was forged as the ‘Coral Garden’ designed quirkily in the fashion of and in presentation of the alluring forms and shapes of an underwater coral reef. Careful combinations were planned. Blends of architectural and texturally different plant were melded against one another for a dramatic planted scheme.

As with most of the garden beds due to the size restraints allowable in the design, interest had to be provided efficiently. Architectural accent feature plantings, seasonal flowering perennials, ornamental grasses, variations of succulent style plant species, topiary, conifers, wall climbers, autumn colour, this garden was designed to have it all. The front garden even addresses an awkward rectangular void garden bed by transforming it to an ornate formed maze style parterre as an interesting entry detail on view to the front door.