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The house of this property has a character of its own but the client wanted to modernise and clean everything up to provide a pleasant but horticulturally dramatic garden setting. High on the agenda was a new and improved elevated Entertainment Deck with covered pergola. This area was designed to maximise the useable space and promote a noteworthy presentation to the gardens below.

The vista from this area takes advantage of the elongated property view, this was considered throughout the design to ensure a beautiful garden setting that was always on show. The structure for this space was designed with a custom timber post detail to support a Louvered Roof system. This way the entertaining area could take advantage of what ever the weather situation was at hand. This framed structure was selected in chunky clean dimensional Design Pine Timber. This option ties back to the house aesthetic and it was specified to be painted a sympathetic white to match the house trim but also deliver a fresh and modern updated property rejuvenation.

On the decking extension ample room was supplied for all the requirements of entertaining and family functions. A laser cut privacy screen provides cover from next doors neighbours. Pontoon decked steps navigate down to the lower garden where the tight abrupt level changes were dealt to allow a smooth transition to the lower pool area level. The paved path area below was strategically designed to utilise the existing concrete slabs as a base. This was the same method applied to the pool paving. New concrete pavers is taupe provide a soft and appropriate colour cleanse along with a new interior for the pool which was selected to be uncomplicated and uplifting. This was to provide a clean understated, and uncomplicated materialisation that would support the lush greens of the foliage that interact and influence the pool colour.


Decking was included as a partnered material along with the concrete pavers within the pool area. Selected as way to resolve the naturally lower ground levels. Decking was an option that would create the large flat space that was required. This allowed for a contrasting material detail thorough this area, and balancing of the material palette. It also provided flexibility to create built in seating that was designed in a way to function as part of the rear pool barrier. An upright timber post detail adds to this at the end of the space, tying a connection back to the Pergola with this detailing while popping some life into this area. Other refined and clean details were implemented such as seamless channel set glass pool fencing and balustrading, which was designed to display itself with no visible fittings. Simply rising through the joints in the boards through the use of a channel support fixing set into the framing.

Garden walls were detailed with Corten Steel as a means of dealing with some of the raised garden bed heights. The colour of the Corten harmonises with the rich browns of the hardwood decking. Allowing the greenery to bring life to the landscape design and steal the show.

The reward of plentiful space meant that providing garden areas for plants was not a problem. With this in mind deep and extensive garden beds were formed to showcase the garden and develop a lush and layered tropical theme. A theme that allowed for a substantial and structured horticultural aesthetic. Existing palms were assessed and many were kept and incorporated as the relevant framework of the new gardens. Hard landscaping paths and structures were designed to account for them. The now established garden showcases an aura of its very own, a true sense of place. It is a garden with its own uncomplicated class and a captivating personality of scale and stature.