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Garden Design

As with anything of importance, appropriate planning is required to allow for a successful implementation. A house would not be built without appropriate planning. Why should a garden?


The concept plan brings the design brief to life. It is a full colour design presentation plan of the garden, drawn to an appropriate scale. Its aim is to give a clear visual image and feel for what the garden will become. It includes information and images regarding plants, products, finishes and primary design elements. Concept plans are prepared in a manner, which makes them extremely visual, and useful in allowing clients to get a taste for what their garden will feel like. In some cases this might be enough to proceed to construction. However in most cases it is recommended that following the Concept Plan stage that Design Detailing & Construction Documentation plans are prepared. Following the completion of the Concept Plan a Construction Estimate will be prepared to give an indication of expected costs. Once the budget has been approved, the Master Plan with Design Detailing & Construction Documentation Plans can be developed.


On landscape design projects where council approval is required, the set of required council plans can be prepared once the Concept Plan has been completed. An application is prepared with the relevant local council.


This can be facilitated completely by Impressions Landscape – Design or by the client, with Impressions to produce the plans only. These are costed as a separate item. Part of this set of drawings may be included in the Construction Documentation stage.


These plans are essential when further design development is required for detailed jobs. These plans are prepared after the budget has been approved. They provide the essential information that is required when producing a quality well thought out garden. They deliver a concise layout of the exact finishes the client can expect. As well as fully detailing the various structural elements that are specific to the project to ensure that the design is built exactly as it is intended. This includes detailed plans for the various components of the garden design including design detail and structural components, pergolas, cabanas, pools, screens, drainage, lighting, planting plans etc…

These plans confirm the finer details of the garden design that cannot be included in the Concept Plan. Not until these plans have been developed can an accurate quotation be prepared.


Following the completion of these drawings a detailed Construction Quotation is prepared to turn the vision into a reality.