Engadine – Trish

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Impressions Landscape – Design have created our absolutely stunning & beautifully designed garden and outdoor areas. A true gift in more ways than one.
Nearing the end of the project now, it is simply fitting to reflect and share insight into their standards of excellence and how this extends across all respects.

National Industry Landscape Design Awards are one thing and Impressions Landscape – Design have them a plenty, accolades which clearly reflect their exemplary level of talent, craftsmanship and leadership in their industry.
This in itself should stand alone as the incredible praise and value for and of this company, and yet honestly, is purely a gleaming highlight, as it’s the solid foundations of them as a business and just as importantly as people, that truly make this Company what it is – and it’s that which is at the core of my respect for them and the basis of this review.

As a professional who on a daily basis mentors and leads other companies in the strategy of best business practice and primarily in the importance of creating and delivering on experience, Impressions have all of this “in the bag” and did so from the first very first point of contact.

Having a clear understanding of the initial consultation process and the steps that follow – ascertained both from their informative copy on their website and outlined by Adam McDonald prior to and during the consultation, the professional and passionate delivery that Adam brought to our consultation truly won me over. Adam’s enthusiastic communication and genuine care that he took to get a real sense of our budget and what we “hoped for” through careful and considered questions and listening intently during the consultation was above and beyond all other companies we dealt with. Working with my initial notions, purely a few thoughts in my mind of our wants and needs, he was able to formulate this into a true vision and it became a reality in his unbelievably talented creative mind.
From that first meet I knew it would be good. If only I knew how much!
All I knew at that stage, was we simply had to work with Adam and his company Impressions, and had my fingers crossed that the design would be incredible to match the amazing first sense that we had been blessed to encounter.
Incredible is an understatement for the vision that was in Adam’s design. The detail and insight that was provided during the design process and in all communications, clearly demonstrated the degree of talent and also extensive hours that had been applied and dedicated to this design for us. This was the complete confirmation that this was the right company and the only company.
The sheer joy that Adam has for his work cannot be contained, it explodes out of him and this in itself is admirable. It is so clear that he lives and breathes design and to even begin to describe his love and understanding of plants, I could do no justice. Just know it would be beyond your dreams.

It truly is easy to see why this company is so successful – led by two of the most personable, knowledgeable and giving people, that are masters in their field.
The 2 Adams are put simply – the best.
To have one Adam would be enough, but to have 2, elevates what this company does to a whole other level.
Adam Tanko’s brilliance and leadership in his company shines magnificently through on a daily basis, to that of the team, contractors engaged and especially to clients, to which I shall always be eternally grateful.
The confidence Adam instils and the ease that he brings to all operations, in all communications and on-site, amplifies the trust that one needs, when it’s a project of such scale. I could not ask for more.
Impressions, the owners and their team are truly a company you can trust.
Adam’s expertise of construction knowledge is tenfold and his down to earth ability along with the degree of respect shown to ensure that I actually understood the process and was across decisions, will always be greatly appreciated. He loves what he does and he does it sensationally.

The construction and installation stage of our outdoor areas truly has been astounding. Managed and brought to life by Michael and supported by the team at Impressions, along with both Directors doing their “zone of genius” work which is very impressive to see, there would not be a company that you could be happier to welcome and have in your home.
Michael’s knowledge, ridiculously high end range of skills, ability to project manage in such a calm and cohesive manner, along with his genuine care to be fastidious with all elements has led to the transformation of our property to what it is now, something that was never thought imaginable. Nothing is ever deemed too much trouble and Michael’s work ethic and manner goes without saying – it’s impeccable.
A complete outdoor transformation, understandably takes time and to have a company full of people that you genuinely like and look forward to seeing on a daily basis, has made for a wonderful experience this year, it truly has.

These guys do more than ever expected, some of which cannot be encapsulated into words.

With the lovely experience, it was an absolute given for us to continue the relationship with Impressions through their Horticulture Team.
Keith’s out of this world knowledge, manner, care and skills exemplify all the values of Impressions and I very much look forward to having Keith and the team maintain our beautifully evolving garden for many year to come.

A big thank you is extended to everyone on the Impressions Team – Stacy, Jo, Stacey, Matt, Dan, Scott and Dario have made it an absolute pleasure every step of the way.

The end result – I hardly spend time inside anymore! Simply love the stunning look, as do friends, family and neighbours (even strangers stop to look) and I thoroughly enjoy exploring and embracing each new part of the garden that emerges each day.
Never and I mean never, have I ever wanted to, nor actioned paying for work and service quicker than what I have for Impressions. One reason – they deserve it without a doubt.

This company and most importantly the people, make you smile. They are real. They care. They are the epitome of value. They are a stand out. They are highly professional. They love what they do. They are fun. They are a dream company. They are leaders in their industry. They are the definition of knowing how to deliver above and beyond. They are the whole package. They have made my year.
If I magically owned another property I’d have them there in a flash to go through this wonderful experience very happily again with them.