Horticultural Division – Brett & Trish

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Impressions Landscape – Design’s Horticulture Division have been tending to our garden and lawns each month for over 9 months and were instrumental prior to that in the plant out during installation, bringing to life the incredible Plant Design by Adam McDonald.

The garden has evolved way beyond expectations within it’s first year. Whilst many factors I dare say have come into this, I first and foremost naturally wish to recommend the owners of Impressions – the 2 Adams. Thank you for doing what you do so well.
No one could be happier than I for the vision, attention to detail, care and enthusiasm that Adam McDonald – the Head Designer brought and continues to bring. Thank you so much Adam!
Nor with Adam Tanko, who is a great man of all trades and the General Manager – I will be forever grateful for his genuine support shown to me and for his vast Landscaping & Construction industry knowledge and understanding of Operations. More thanks to you than you can imagine Adam!
Together their hunger & drive to want to deliver like no tomorrow is also superb.
If you are seeking a company led by trail-blazers in a really natural way – it’s these two and I tend feel they are even yet to hit their absolute pinnacle. To be a part of that would be pretty amazing!
They just get it. Not to mention the company’s fussiness & impeccable sourcing of plants.

No company is without it’s team; and for that I wish to draw attention to the meticulous care and knowledge of Keith the Horticulture Manager and the Hort team, to which the bulk of this review is on.
Similarly, a big thank you is extended to Michael the Construction Division Manager for all the wonderful foundational construction work and irrigation work actioned and led by you and your team during the project. Thank you Mick.
The word respect does not begin to describe how I see their work and they themselves.

From the start it was evident the level of in depth knowledge, passion and dedication that Keith brings to his work.
As with all of Adam Tanko’s & Adam McDonald’s company, the Hort team are professional & courteous and the neighbours in the street attest to this too, making the Monthly Maintenance Visits and sometimes the pop ins to cast an eye over things in between, quite welcoming and acceptable to all. It’s true customer service. It’s more than that – this company as a whole have the customer experience down to a T and a good one at that.

With nature being nature, as one would expect, minor things of course happen in the garden and the timely manner in which Impressions respond in terms of both care & the degree of service is what stands them apart in my eyes.
Nothing is too much effort and they don’t hesitate to deliver.

They are trustworthy.

The best part is that they truly “know” the garden. This absolute familiarity enhances the gardens ability to thrive even more so I believe.

It is clearly apparent that they want the best for the gardens they have created, they truly treat them as theirs, which is pretty special.
I actually see it as theirs completely too.
They want the best for the gardens, for their clients and in turn as a company they continue to soar to new heights themselves in my eyes.

As a client the detailed monthly reports received are always appreciated, as is Keith’s manner in ensuring an understanding is ascertained of the work carried out during the visits.

It is through Impressions Landscape Design’s instagram page and Impressions Horticulture instagram page (both definitely worth a look!) that I’ve also seen the fine results of the level of skill, knowledge & care that this company as a whole have brought to other properties and gardens and very much what I have been privileged to encounter first hand, that I wholeheartedly recommend Impressions Landscape – Design.

A happy client indeed.