Yowie Bay – Lily

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Dear Adam, Michael, Bowen, Sam, Drew, Keith and Matt,

Thank you for your work on my front yard over the last few weeks. Your combined efforts have transformed the yard from an horrific and embarrassing eyesore into a stunning garden which is greatly admired and appreciated not only by me, but also by my neighbours.

Your work has greatly surpassed even my very high expectations. The stone work which was principally completed by Michael is particularly impressive. Considerable skill and attention to detail can be seen in the letter-box, the two piers at the entrance to the path, the path leading to the front door of the house and the garden walls. One of my neighbours has described them as works of art. I agree with the description. As with all of his work throughout the garden, Michael’s work on these elements of the garden was very meticulous. He demonstrated enormous patience and care in selecting and shaping each piece of sandstone to ensure that it not only co-ordinated well with the other pieces, but that it also met with my approval.

Adam and Adam, you have recruited an exceptional team of landscapers and horticulturalists who have a refreshingly healthy work ethic. Each person in the team has a combination of both excellent technical skills and excellent interpersonal skills. In addition, they are all reliable, punctual and courteous young men. I particularly valued their consideration of, and friendliness towards, my neighbours, ensuring that work on my garden had minimal impact on my immediate neighbours. Cleaning up at the end of each work day was also greatly appreciated.

As the core team, Michael and Bowen are a very cohesive, professional, hard-working and productive unit. It was a pleasure to have them on site. Michael’s willingness to quietly and efficiently undertake any of the tasks, including the less-than-glamorous ones, rather than simply directing and supervising others, is a credit to him.

Your combined hard work has greatly enhanced my property. I love the superb garden which you have created – thank you!

I look forward to working with you to design and create an equally spectacular back yard in the next couple of years.